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PAC Aviation partnerships and
clients extend globally.

PAC Aviation partnerships and clients extend globally


PAC Aviation International, Inc. provides Contractor repair solutions, delivering unparalleled state-of-the-art service and quality to keep your aircraft operational and efficient. We have an impressive track record of yearly fulfilled contracts at a fleet, federal and foreign level.

  • Engine Repair Solutions
  • On-site technical support and repairs
  • Aircraft Life extension programs
  • Fleet recovery services
  • Multiple Government contracts

Aviation Suppliers Associatio
Defence Logistics Agency
Minority Business Entreprise
Secuirity Cooperation Agency
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Global Alliances

Expert Government Prime contractor

Duns # 016845849

Extensive Inventory

Expert Foreign Government Contractor

Certified: SBE, HABE, MBE (Located on HUB Zone Area)

Why Choose PAC Aviation for Fixed Wing Support?

Aviation Repair and Recovery Services

Engine Repairs

Engine Repairs

Every year we manage various fleets engine repair services. We have extensive experience and can offer Fix Price on Engine platforms such as: J85-21C, T700, C7-9, PW100 family, M250 Family, PT6, Lycoming Engines.

For over a decade, we have developed long relationships with the best engine shops around the world and we have earned special discounts through our constant volume of work. Our experienced team is skilled in both routine and complex engine challenges, helping you maintain operational readiness and prolong the lifecycle of your fleet's engines

On-Site Repairs with Certified Engineers and Technicians

PAC Aviation takes pride in delivering exceptional on-site repair services such as the recovery of 10ea Schweizer 333 helicopters for the Mexican Naval Academy and other dozens of repair solutions.

Whether at your hangar, or in one of our partners Certified facilities , PAC Aviation can deploy our mobile teams of certified engineers and technicians with experience to handle a comprehensive range of repair tasks. From urgent breakdown repairs to scheduled maintenance, our repair solutions are designed to bring our full suite of capabilities to your doorstep, ensuring your aircraft are maintained with the least disruption.

On-Site Repairs with Certified Engineers and Technicians
Life Extension and Fleet Recovery Services

Life Extension and Fleet Recovery Services

Extend the operational lifespan of your aircraft is a major task and our company has completed several successfully. A decade long experience providing extensive and demanding tailored services has made our company a perfect contractor to help rejuvenate your fleet.

Engineering and Technical Assistance

Our engineering and technical assistance goes beyond routine repairs, offering in-depth expertise in complex aviation challenges. From system overhauls to structural assessments, our team provides the technical guidance necessary to navigate intricate maintenance scenarios. We also offer consulting services to help you manage repair budgets and financial assessments, ensuring your maintenance strategies are both effective and economically viable.

Engineering and Technical Assistance
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